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December 26, 2017

Do you dread paying that annual or monthly car insurance payment? Most of us do, and at an average of $900 per policyholder per year, it is easy to see why; however, the reward of having insurance is feeling that sense of security, resting easy in thinking that insurance will cover any damage to our car. That is not always the case though, as a rising percentage of motorists driving along the highway with you are not carrying insurance. This means that if they hit you and cause damage, your policy will only pay out if you have your own collision insurance. To make matters worse, insurance rates continue to climb for everyone else due to the costs incurred in the US by uninsured drivers.

CBS News recently outlined the growing issue of uninsured motorists in Florida, stating that not only are 27 percent of motorists without insurance – that is twice the average in the US for the uninsured, usually at one in eight. For Floridians, this spells trouble for many who are involved in accidents due to the negligence of another.

"In addition to paying for their own actions, each insured motorist also pays a portion of the costs for others that choose to disobey the law," said the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in their report, ‘Uninsured Motorists: A Growing Problem for Consumers.’

“There are at least 23 states trying to solve the issues of the uninsured motorist through data verification of some sort. The first three reports question the capability of existing data verification systems to adequately reduce the number of uninsured motorists, to protect privacy information and to provide the critical law-enforcement tools necessary. There is a clear lack of national insurance regulatory leadership regarding this issue. The Insurance industry, in the meantime, has clearly been working on a solution to address this issue.”

You may find yourself paying around $67 extra per month in your insurance policy to make up for all those uninsured motorists—and their numbers have risen recently to 13 percent, with no signs of slowing down.

"This has been a concern in Florida for quite a while, and the numbers are likely rising due to an increase in population," said professor Lynne McChristian of Florida State University. "Florida has a highly mobile population who move within and out of the state."

Fines apparently are not enough to stop the problem in its tracks, with many uninsured motorists gaining the prerequisite coverage just long enough to buy a car and then dropping it within a very short period. It has been suggested that following suit with states like Oklahoma could make a difference. After instituting the practice of taking the license plates of those without insurance, Oklahoma saw a significant drop in uninsured motorists.

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