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April 3, 2024
How to Sue a Hotel for an Injury
How to Sue a Hotel for an Injury Have you ever been injured while staying at a hotel? Whether it's a slip and fall accident, bed bug infestation, or any other type of injury, you may be wondering if you have legal grounds to sue the hotel for compensation. Hotels have a duty to ensure […]
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March 21, 2024
How Much Can You Sue a School for Negligence?
How Much Can You Sue a School for Negligence? If you are considering pursuing legal action against a school for negligence, it is important to know the potential outcomes and limitations of such a lawsuit. Understanding the factors that determine the amount you can sue for can help you navigate this complex legal process effectively. […]
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March 6, 2024
How to Avoid a Bounce House Accident
How to Avoid a Bounce House Accident As the spring weather emerges, many families are starting to plan outdoor parties and events, including renting bounce houses for children to enjoy. While bounce houses can provide hours of fun, it's important to prioritize safety to prevent accidents and injuries. Injuries resulting from bounce house incidents can […]
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February 20, 2024
Is Florida a No-Fault State?
Is Florida a No-Fault State? Every state has its own set of laws and regulations when it comes to car accidents and insurance coverage. In Florida, the concept of being a "no-fault" state plays a significant role in how insurance claims are handled following an accident. But what does this mean for you as a […]
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February 5, 2024
What Is Lack of Informed Consent for Medical Malpractice?
What Is Lack of Informed Consent for Medical Malpractice? When we entrust our health and well-being to medical professionals, we trust their expertise. But what happens when this trust is violated? This is where the concept of informed consent comes into play, specifically in the context of medical malpractice. Lack of informed consent is a […]
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January 24, 2024
How Long After Car Accident Can You Claim Injury?
How Long After Car Accident Can You Claim Injury? After a car accident, it's common to have questions about the legal process, especially regarding injury claims. One of Heintz Law Firm's most frequently asked questions is, "How long after a car accident can you claim injury?" Understanding the timeline and legal requirements for filing an […]
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January 7, 2024
Are Truck Accident Lawsuit Settlements Taxable?
Are Truck Accident Lawsuit Settlements Taxable? In the first week of 2023 alone, Florida witnessed a staggering 1,704 traffic-related accidents, including 703 injury crashes and 7 fatalities, as reported by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department. These figures underscore the significant risks on Florida's roads, particularly from truck accidents, which often result in […]
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December 26, 2023
Is My Salon Responsible for the Chemical Burn from My Perm?
Is My Salon Responsible for the Chemical Burn from My Perm? Heading to the salon to get a perm is supposed to be a relaxing experience. However, accidents do happen, and in some cases, clients suffer chemical burns from the products used during the treatment. This can lead to severe pain, long-lasting scars, and emotional […]
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December 12, 2023
How a Burn Injury Law Firm Can Help
How a Burn Injury Law Firm Can Help Burn injuries can result in not only physical pain and scarring but also emotional trauma and financial burdens. Whether the burn was caused by a workplace accident, a faulty product, or someone else's negligence, you have the right to seek legal recourse. However, understanding the legal process […]
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December 1, 2023
What to Do After Being Injured in a Golf Cart Accident
In the sunshine state of Florida, golf carts are not just a leisure activity vehicle; they are a part of everyday life in many communities. However, like any vehicle, golf carts can be involved in accidents, and it's crucial to know the steps to take if you find yourself injured in such an incident. Heintz […]
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November 14, 2023
Navigating the aftermath of a ridesharing accident can be as confusing as it is stressful. At Heintz Law, we understand that determining liability is a critical component of your case. In Florida, where ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have become integral to our transportation system, understanding how liability is determined is essential for anyone […]
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November 1, 2023
trucking injury lawyer
When you’ve been involved in an accident involving a truck, the last thing on your mind is finding a lawyer. But if you have suffered serious injuries, it’s important to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. A trucking injury lawyer can help with this process by offering legal advice and representation for victims […]
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