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September 28, 2017

We all have that friend (who sometimes might even look suspiciously like ourselves) who is stricken with texting mania and can’t put the phone down. As smartphones have become increasingly ubiquitous over the past ten years, addictions to small yet powerful electronic devices have grown exponentially—especially in the US. A recent news article points out that users swipe their phones over 2,600 times a day, and many would even be willing to give up food and sleep rather than lose their online connections. Sadly, we are ‘universally addicted,’ getting a dopamine high from messages and notifications.

You may have noticed a strange and increasing difficulty in socializing with users who can barely put their phones down long enough to enjoy a nice dinner out or even take time to communicate face to face; in fact, you may feel like you have completely lost friends or family members as they disappeared into their phones. While children’s use of devices should be monitored, there isn’t much we can do if other adults spend nearly every waking moment texting or interacting on social media. However, This becomes a major concern when drivers cannot put their phones down. Even pedestrians are at risk today as so many are walking and navigating traffic (somehow!) while gazing down at handheld screens.

As with any addiction, it can be hard to move away from the source of pleasure, and checking and responding to messages becomes a compulsive behavior. Consider the number of drivers wreaking havoc on the roads as they get behind the wheel after drinking or taking pills—often because they are too addicted to make the right judgment. While such drivers are still responsible for far too many deaths and injuries, sadly, distracted driving has now taken the number one spot as the leading cause of car crashes. Campaigns against texting and driving continue, but despite stricter laws in Florida, the risk of fines, license points, and more, many still cannot resist the magnetizing pull of their phones, dinging and ringing with messages, calls, and more.

If users would rather give up essential life needs for using their phones, ridding the roads of texting and otherwise distracted drivers may be a serious uphill battle. Thousands of lives are lost each year due to distracted drivers. Just think how many lives could be saved and how many injuries could be prevented if all or most phones were tucked away while their users are driving.

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