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June 18, 2019

Many of us still remember the days when drunk drivers were the greatest threat on the roads, and MADD was continually campaigning, getting the word out about how so many terrible injuries and fatalities could be prevented. Even with drunk driving fatalities down by a third, such incidents are still far too big a hazard to other motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists; sadly though, they have been far superseded by distracted drivers. Indirectly, what this means is that the greatest hazard to safety on the road is the creation of the smartphone.

Most of us—technology buffs or not—can agree that the smartphone does offer a long list of benefits that can be life-changing. You can set reminders; you can check your calendar, you can set appointments, you can set timers, take photos to document different personal and professional events—and so much more. But of course there is also the endless stream of communication via texts and phone calls, not to mention emails, and the ability to surf the net whether you are concerned about researching a project for work, heading up the latest sushi bar and checking out their menu, looking at movie times for the weekend, or other business. We all love these conveniences but prefer that motorists are not enjoying them while driving.

In most instances, motorists are minding their own business, operating their vehicles responsibly, and enjoying heading down the road when that familiar ding comes in alerting them to a text. If this happens while you are driving, you may find it nearly impossible to ignore the notification sound or the message, worrying that there is an emergency, or some sort of news you must read about immediately. That’s one thing, but next comes the temptation to respond to the text. This could turn into an entire conversation, and before you know it you could find yourself in a terrible car accident.

Most smartphones today, however, will help you avoid this issue with ‘do not disturb’ software that also includes a feature for fending off phone calls and texts while you are driving. Just activate the auto-reply option in your settings, and magically—your phone deals with the issue without you even knowing, telling everyone trying to get in touch with you that you are busy being safe behind the wheel.

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