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Sleepy drivers
December 4, 2017

Considering the amount of time most of us spend in our cars daily, it is to be expected that our moods and energy levels will vary. The problem is though that the roads—and traffic—can be unforgiving, and while we are driving, one hundred percent of our attention should be given to the task at hand. Although we may be a culture heavily involved in driving (and often immersed in traffic), the level of concentration given to that act sometimes seems to be an afterthought, evidenced by the thousands of lives taken by distracted driving each year. The issue of distracted driving has received a lot of press, beginning to equal that of campaigns against drunk driving. But one issue that is extremely common and can be just as deadly does not get the attention it needs: driving while exhausted.

It is a busy world—especially for those of us who are juggling home lives with a long commute. Factor in a long and tiring day fueled by caffeine, evenings filled with more work, not enough sleep, and a vicious cycle begins. Unfortunately, far too many drivers are living this scenario, and if you are lucky enough not to be one of them, most likely you are still surrounded by them while driving. Tired drivers on the road may also be affected by drugs or alcohol, making them even more hazardous; however, just drowsiness alone can cause terrible consequences from behind the wheel. Drivers who fall asleep at the wheel can cause enormous devastation and damage, killing themselves as well as others.

If you are feeling drowsy on the road, pull over to a safe area as soon as possible to avoid having an accident. Although you may think you can get to your destination without having an accident, your judgment may be impaired, attention span diminished, and reaction time sluggish. The CDC cites a study reporting that 1 in 25 adults said they had fallen asleep at the wheel within a thirty-day period. Along with that, the NHTSA states that drivers who are overly tired are responsible for tens of thousands of injuries each year—and while the exact numbers are unknown as cause is not always determined, as many as 6,000 fatalities may be caused on the roads by tired drivers.

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