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June 16, 2018

As manufacturers continually work to add new safety measures to modern vehicles—many of which are almost completely computerized in terms of sensors and maintenance—and as traffic safety education is emphasized to the public, you would think that the risks involved in driving (or bicycling or motorcycling or walking!) would be much less today. Unfortunately, the same old reasons (and often deadly ones) are often cited for crashes: speeding and reckless behavior, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and ignoring traffic rules—along with ignoring stoplights and stop signs. This is disappointing, especially considering how much information is available to educate travelers today—along with the known consequences for such negligent behavior.

Children are usually fascinated with driving, and eager to get behind the wheel as soon as possible—usually in play, whether they have a tricycle or one of the child-sized play cars or SUVs that are so popular today. Because of that, it is important to discuss traffic safety with your kids from an early age. And as with so much in parenting, being a good role model can sometimes be difficult—but it is critical to passing on good driving skills later.

Distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents in the US, and again, it can be difficult to avoid. With the plethora of smartphones and accompanying apps available—not to mention emails and calls dinging and ringing in—just one tiny electronic device that fits into your hand can be responsible for catastrophic damage on the road. You may preach ‘no texting and driving’ or extoll on the dangers of never taking your eyes off the road, but as children and teens get mixed messages on what is really happening in the car—they may very well choose the behavior that suits them best while driving—and that could mean practicing poor judgment, especially in heavy traffic.

Driving while drowsy, or much worse, while under the influence, is another very important area for leading by example. No-tolerance policies are best—and with that, it means skipping that tempting (but potentially dangerous) bottle of wine while out to dinner—and driving everyone home with a completely clear head. Road rage, speeding, and excessive multi-tasking should obviously be avoided, but as you become a parent you may see a few bad habits that have developed over the years being pointed out by the younger ones.

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