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February 15, 2018

Motorcycles often get a bad rap when it comes to safety, although much of the danger on the roads emerges from larger vehicles such as cars and trucks. There might be some safety risks involved (as there are for anyone traveling on the roads), but if you speak to an experienced motorcycle enthusiast, chances are they will be overflowing with all the reasons why they enjoy riding. The thrill of being on the open road with the air in your face seems to be one of the most common reasons, leading to an addicting adrenaline and endorphin rush. It is often said too that the sense of freedom leads to an almost spiritual experience—and one that is shared in camaraderie with many other motorcyclists on the road.

And while getting your Zen on out in the open air is undoubtedly a huge benefit for both mind and soul, a recent news article outlined some substantial and very real health benefits that just happen to come with the territory of riding a motorcycle. You may not even be looking to get healthier while out there on the highway, but several positive aspects are just built-in perks.

Your Brain Gets a Constant Workout

As a motorist, you probably drive the same routes so much that you feel like you are almost on autopilot, traveling from home to work, taking children to school and activities, and running errands. When riding a motorcycle, however, you will probably find that a much more intense level of attentiveness is required, from making lane changes and doing double duty making sure that motorists are noticing you—to navigating through intersections safely. Riding a motorcycle requires constant focus and keeps the mind sharp. Along with that, you have the chance to soak up sunshine and good amounts of Vitamin D.

You are Exercising Even When You Don’t Realize It

The exercise factor is tremendous too and may come as a surprise if you are new to riding a motorcycle. The core gets a thorough workout every time you ride, along with the neck. Maintaining the proper posture is important and will give you a better workout too. This is especially true if there is wind to contend with. Along with the core, your thighs, knees, and legs overall get exercise each time you travel, gripping the bike, and especially when leaning in for turns.

The Commute is Much Better & Less Expensive

Less stress during your daily commute to work is one of the great benefits of riding a motorcycle too. Cutting down on road rage is always a plus for the health, with the motorcycle allowing you to get outside and work your way through traffic faster. Not only that, stress levels are reduced even further regarding finances as your gas expense—and maintenance expenses—are dramatically lower. Greater fuel efficiency while operating a smaller vehicle emitting less pollution means you are putting less stress on the environment itself too.

Always Watch Out for Other Drivers on the Road!

The goal is to balance all these great health benefits with safety on the road. All too often though, car drivers may put you in danger simply because they completely overlook your presence on the road or are distracted by other activities such as talking or texting on a cell phone.

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