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negligent motorists
February 26, 2018

Most individuals on the highways today riding motorcycles choose to do so for a variety of positive reasons. They enjoy the freedom of being on a bike, feeling the sun shining down upon them, and the wind at their back. There are many concrete benefits too, including greater affordability, better fuel efficiency, and less impact on the environment too. Unfortunately, motorcyclists must be continually vigilant while on the roads as they are presented with hazards from other, larger vehicles.

Distracted Drivers Cause Potential for Motorcycle Accidents

One of the biggest problems not only for motorcyclists, but for everyone on the road, is distracted drivers. This can take numerous forms. Drivers may be busy tending to their appearance on the way to work, grooming, putting on makeup, and more. While this may seem like outrageous behavior, and it is, many drivers consider it to be necessary multi-tasking while they are running late. They may also be engaged in conversation with other passengers, eating, drinking, and more. And while all these activities may seem completely normal to some, the problem is that they run the risk of causing a terrible accident, and injury to others—or even death.

Motorcyclists are also affected by other distracted drivers who are glued to their cell phones. And it is amazing how much trouble one tiny little electronic device can cause! While talking on a cell phone used to be the biggest concern, now we must worry about drivers who are reading text messages, responding to them, surfing the net while driving, and even interacting online while behind the wheel. Although many states such as Florida have outlawed texting while driving, that does not mean everyone adheres to the law, with many motorists having a difficult time avoiding the temptation of their smart phones.

Motorists Are Often Oblivious to the Presence of Motorcyclists

Despite an outpouring of attention to this matter, many motorists simply do not see motorcycles. They are used to watching out for other cars and trucks and may begin making a turn before they realize there is a motorcyclist (or bicyclist, or pedestrian) in their path. And while the eye may not be as trained to watch for smaller vehicles on the road, it is crucial for motorists to expect that there may be motorcyclists nearby, or in their blind spots as well. Intersections tend to be a major area of collision for motorists and motorcyclists, and especially when cars are racing to get through a left-turn zone.

Other hazards on the road lead to collision with motorists such as impaired or overly tired drivers. If everyone was at their best, and completely alert while driving, we would be able to eliminate many injuries and fatalities on the roads today; the reality though is that too many motorists are only giving a fraction of their attention to the task at hand—leading to constant danger for those traveling on motorcycles.

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