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motorcycle safety

Riding—and owning—a motorcycle may have been a dream of yours for years. And while there are many reasons to do so, one thing is certain: as a motorcycle enthusiast, you join an ever-expanding population of likeminded souls who enjoy a sense of brotherhood and community around the world. Benefits include affordability all around, from your purchase to gas and maintenance. For some, the opportunity to take off on road trips and enjoy fresh air and nature is a draw, while others may enjoy riding in city areas, cutting off time on the commute to work as they are able to travel through traffic quickly. Some even believe that riding a motorcycle is good for your health, offering meditative properties (with that Zen factor many of us have heard so much about) and stress relief—qualities we rarely hear associated with driving a car.

Safety is always the priority though, and this is especially important for novices. Cars and trucks are one of the greatest dangers on the road to motorcyclists. In driving a car, you are probably aware of the need for defensive driving. As a motorcyclist, you will find that your defensive driving techniques must be taken to a new level though as you work harder to be seen and heard. Congested areas, intersections and turn lanes, doors being flung open on side streets, and more all present hazards. Before you take all that on, consider the following steps to becoming one with your bike, and the road:

  • Learn how to be highway ready – if your bike is used, make sure all proper maintenance has been performed, to include inspecting the condition of the tires. Are the mirrors situated properly? What type of gas mileage can you expect? Be familiar with all the parts of the bike and how they operate.
  • Know what to wear – be prepared to buy more than just a helmet. Because you are without any other protection, you will need a jacket that can withstand the elements, as well as protective pants and sufficient footwear, usually in the form of boots. Your body is incredibly vulnerable in the event of an accident, so this is not an area where you should skimp. Dressing in layers is always recommended, and especially in colder areas.
  • Get schooled – a course in motorcycle riding instruction could save your life. Learn all the basics, and the nuances, of motorcycle riding before you head out on to the highway, and get to know your new bike in the process. You may also be able to receive a discount on your insurance, as well as other benefits.
  • Read the owner’s manual – although this could be one of the easiest exercises, it is also one of the most ignored. Chances are though, you will find this little book chock full of information that will save you a lot of time and guesswork.
  • Know the laws, and those specific to motorcycles – Refresh your memory regarding traffic laws, and get to know what is also expected of you as a motorcyclist, from requirements on protective gear to that of insurance.

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