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What to Do After Being Injured in a Golf Cart Accident
December 1, 2023

In the sunshine state of Florida, golf carts are not just a leisure activity vehicle; they are a part of everyday life in many communities. However, like any vehicle, golf carts can be involved in accidents, and it's crucial to know the steps to take if you find yourself injured in such an incident. Heintz Law Firm is committed to providing guidance and assistance in these situations. Here's what to do after being injured in a golf car accident.

What to Do After Being Injured in a Golf Cart Accident

What to Do After Being Injured in a Golf Cart Accident

1. Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Your health is the utmost priority. Even if injuries seem minor, it's essential to get checked by a medical professional. Some injuries, especially internal ones, may not be immediately apparent.

2. Report the Accident

If you're on a golf course or private property, report the accident to the management. If the accident occurred on a public road or involves another vehicle, it’s vital to call the local police. A formal report can be a significant piece of evidence in any legal proceedings.

3. Document Everything

Take photos of the accident scene, your injuries, and any damages to the golf cart and other involved vehicles. Gather names and contact information of any witnesses. This information can be invaluable later on.

4. Avoid Discussing Fault

Be careful not to admit fault or make statements that could be used against you later. Stick to the facts when speaking to the police or insurance representatives.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company about the accident. Be factual and concise. Remember, you don’t have to agree to any settlements or provide a recorded statement immediately.

6. Keep Records of All Expenses

Keep a detailed record of all medical treatments, repairs, and any other expenses related to the accident. These documents will be crucial for compensation claims.

7. Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Before making any decisions or agreements, consult with a personal injury attorney who specializes in golf cart accidents. Heintz Law Firm can provide expert advice on how to proceed, ensuring your rights are protected.

What are the top causes of golf cart accidents in Florida?

Golf cart accidents in Florida, as in many other places, can occur due to a variety of reasons. The top causes of these accidents typically include:

Driver Negligence

This includes reckless driving, such as speeding, making sharp turns, or driving while distracted (e.g., using a mobile phone). Driver inexperience can also be a factor, as some golf cart drivers may not be familiar with the vehicle's operations or underestimate its capabilities.

Driving Under the Influence

Operating a golf cart while under the influence of alcohol or drugs significantly increases the risk of accidents due to impaired judgment and reaction times.

Poor Visibility

Golf carts are often used in early morning or late evening when visibility is low. Additionally, they are smaller and lower to the ground, making them less visible to other drivers, especially in areas without proper lighting.

Mechanical Failures

Faulty brakes, worn tires, steering problems, or other mechanical issues can lead to accidents. Regular maintenance is crucial for preventing such issues.

Road and Weather Conditions

Slippery roads due to rain, uneven pathways, potholes, or debris can cause golf cart drivers to lose control.

Lack of Safety Features

Most golf carts don’t have the same safety features as cars (like seatbelts, airbags, or enclosed cabins), which increases the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Violation of Rules and Regulations

Ignoring golf cart path rules, roadway regulations, or operating a golf cart in areas not designated for their use can lead to collisions.

Overcrowding the Golf Cart

Overloading the golf cart with too many passengers or too much cargo can destabilize the vehicle, making it prone to tipping or losing control.

Understanding these common causes can help in taking preventive measures to avoid accidents while operating golf carts. It’s also important for golf cart users to be aware of and adhere to the specific regulations and safety guidelines applicable in their area.

Common Injuries Sustained From Golf Cart Accidents

Golf cart accidents, despite the vehicle's relatively low speed compared to standard automobiles, can still result in a range of injuries. Some of the most common injuries sustained from golf cart accidents include:

Cuts and Bruises

Due to the open design of most golf carts, occupants can easily suffer cuts, scrapes, and bruises from colliding with objects, being hit by branches, or in the event of a rollover.

Soft Tissue Injuries

These include sprains and strains, particularly of the neck and back. Such injuries often occur due to the jarring motions during a crash or when a golf cart abruptly stops or turns.

Broken Bones

The force of impact in a collision can lead to fractures, particularly of the arms, legs, or ribs. These injuries are more likely if the golf cart tips over or if an occupant is ejected from the vehicle.

Head Injuries

These range from mild concussions to severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Head injuries are a significant concern in golf cart accidents, especially if occupants are not wearing helmets and are thrown from the cart.

Spinal Cord Injuries

These are among the more serious injuries and can result from severe impacts or rollovers. They can lead to permanent disabilities, including paralysis.

Internal Injuries

Internal bleeding or damage to internal organs can occur due to the blunt force trauma of a collision.

Joint Dislocations

Particularly in the shoulders or hips, dislocations can occur when passengers are thrown against hard surfaces or out of the golf cart.

Dental and Facial Injuries

These may include broken jaws, lost teeth, or serious lacerations to the face, often resulting from impact with the golf cart's steering wheel, dashboard, or from being ejected.

It's important to note that even seemingly minor injuries can have long-term consequences and should be evaluated and treated promptly. The use of safety measures like seatbelts (if available), driving at safe speeds, and adhering to golf cart regulations can significantly reduce the risk of these injuries.

What Is The Statute of Limitations For Personal Injury Claims in Florida?

In Florida, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is typically four years from the date of the accident. This means that you have four years from the date of the incident that caused the injury to file a lawsuit in the state's civil court system.

It's important to note that if you fail to file your lawsuit within this four-year period, the Florida courts will likely refuse to hear your case, and your right to compensation may be permanently lost. This statute of limitations applies to most personal injury cases, including those arising from car accidents, slip and fall incidents, and other situations where someone's negligence may have caused harm.

How Heintz Law Firm Can Help

At Heintz Law Firm, we specialize in providing comprehensive legal assistance to individuals involved in accidents and considering personal injury claims. Here’s how we can help:

Case Evaluation

We offer a thorough evaluation of your case to determine its viability, helping you understand the strengths, weaknesses, and what to expect throughout the legal process.

Legal Guidance

Our team provides expert legal advice tailored to your specific situation. We help you navigate through Florida's specific laws and regulations and guide you through your available legal options.

Investigation and Evidence Gathering

We conduct an in-depth investigation into your accident, gathering necessary evidence such as accident reports, medical records, witness statements, and other documentation that supports your claim.

Calculating Damages

We assist in accurately calculating the damages you are entitled to, including immediate and future medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and compensation for pain and suffering.

Negotiation with Insurance Companies

Negotiating with insurance companies can be challenging. We take on this task to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Representation in Court

If a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached, we are prepared to represent you in court. Our legal team manages all aspects of litigation, from filing the lawsuit to representing your interests at trial.

Continuous Support and Communication

Throughout the process, we ensure that you are informed and comfortable with each step. We maintain open lines of communication, keeping you updated on the progress of your case.

Contingency Fee Basis

At Heintz Law Firm, we often work on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not owe any attorney's fees unless we successfully recover compensation on your behalf.

Maximizing Your Compensation

Our goal is to maximize the compensation you receive, helping to cover not only your current losses but also any long-term impacts of your injuries.

At Heintz Law Firm, we are committed to protecting your rights and ensuring you receive the compensation and support you deserve following an accident.



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