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Ignition Interlock Devices
November 7, 2017

With so much education available in schools and society today, along with alternate modes of transportation, no one should have to die or be seriously injured due to the poor judgment of a drunk driver. Alcohol is a very dangerous drug when abused, and it can cause the individual to think they can handle driving when they cannot, as well as thinking that the alcohol has left their system—when it has not.

And while some with a history of drunk driving do get their licenses back and drive again, they may find themselves having to blow into an ignition interlock device mechanism routinely to get the car started. Acting as a breathalyzer, the IID allows the vehicle to start if the potential driver tests below a certain level, but if not, they must wait—and are not allowed to start the car for longer periods of time if they keep failing. The system, allowing first-time offenders to regain driving privileges, is meant to be foolproof against drinking while in the car as well, letting out intermittent beeps that mean the driver must blow into the device while driving in what is called a ‘rolling re-test.’ If indeed they have a high alcohol blood level, the ignition interlock device will begin honking and give them time to pull over before shutting off. All this data is forwarded to the DMV or court as well.

Because the devices can be expensive, sometimes costing more than $1,000 each year, many DUI offenders may not be able to afford them. They may also have difficulty breathing into the IID’s if they suffer from any breathing issues like asthma; otherwise, issues involving deception seem difficult to pull off as yes, the driver could have someone sober breathe into the device and get the car started, but then they must be along for the whole ride breathing into it intermittently.

MADD has put their full support behind the devices over the years, and even published a report recently which contends that 1.77 million drivers have been unable to start their cars while under the influence. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, if the driver has a breath sample above .025, they will not be able to start the car. Data is transferred to the court with access available continually.

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