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July 23, 2018

It is all too easy to forget about traffic dangers when we set out confidently to work each day (or sometimes just on autopilot), commuting back and forth—often in heavy traffic—and then driving to numerous destinations later in the day, whether to pick up children from activities, hit the grocery store, or swing by the pharmacy and pick up prescriptions. Statistics show traffic fatalities hitting staggering new highs though, and this includes pedestrian and bicyclist accidents and deaths too. When you get behind the wheel, you should always be wary of other drivers—and especially those who may be so distracted that they cannot keep their eyes on the road.

One small smartphone in the hands of a distracted driver can be the catalyst for a catastrophic accident; in fact, data from the CDC states that every day, around 9 drivers are killed in the US due to distracted driving—and over 1,000 are injured in car crashes. Although some may escape with minor injuries, car crashes can leave those involved suffering from traumatic brain injuries, serious spinal injuries, and sprains or broken bones that may even be responsible for triggering CRPS later.

Recent news shows that hit and run accidents are continuing to increase in the US too, showing a staggering 62 percent increase from 2009-2016, with 2049 people killed by hit and run in 2016.

“Hit-and-run crashes in the United States are trending in the wrong direction,” said Dr. David Yang, executive director of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Information from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study also showed that 65 percent of the hit and run accidents involved those who were traveling on foot or bicycle. New Mexico, Louisiana, and Florida were the states responsible for the most deaths, and most hit and run accidents were shown to happen during late/early hours: from midnight to 4 a.m. (The study also showed that the least amount of hit and run accidents occurred in the states of New Hampshire, Maine, and Minnesota.)

“It is every driver’s legal and moral responsibility to take necessary precautions to avoid hitting a pedestrian, bicyclist or another vehicle,” said Jennifer Ryan, AAA State Relations Director.

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