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April 12, 2016

Golf Cart Safety

The fun, convenience and economy of getting around in a golf cart or Low Speed Vehicle can be very appealing. But, there is a major catch. Golf carts and Low Speed Vehicles are just not designed to be as crash-worthy as cars or to offer the same kind of protection against injury to their occupants.

So, if you get in an accident in one of these alternative vehicles, you are more likely to be ejected and/or suffer serious injuries than if you had been in a traditional automobile. Over 10,000 golf cart related injuries send people to the emergency room in the U.S. every year with head trauma, fractures and other serious injuries.

Golf Cart Safety Tips

Because they are intended for low risk driving, these alternative vehicles just don't measure up to traditional automobiles in terms of passenger protection, braking ability and impact absorption. In addition, sharp turns and steep inclines and declines can create the danger of rolling over or passengers being ejected.

Just think of all of the safety features and safety testing that come with a traditional automobile. Compare that list to what you get with a golf cart or Low Speed Vehicle and it's easy to see why the safety differences exist. Safety concerns are multiplied further in situations where golf carts and low speed vehicles use the same roadways as cars and trucks.

That's why golf cart friendly communities like the Villages and Sun City Center go to great lengths to emphasize responsible driving, safety and accident prevention. For these communities, maintaining the privilege of being able to get around by golf cart and Low Speed Vehicle as safely as possible is a real priority that requires constant work, dedication and cooperation.

Click play below to watch a free golf cart safety video produced by the Villages Homeowners Association:

Golf Cart Injury Attorneys

Heintz Law urges drivers of all types of vehicles to make safety a personal priority and to share the road responsibly and with common courtesy. We hope that you enjoy accident free driving, but should you ever be injured due to another driver's carelessness, our experienced accident attorneys are here to help with your injury-related claims. Please continue watching for more valuable information about golf carts and Low Speed Vehicles. Our next feature will discuss ways to protect yourself with golf cart and Low Speed Vehicle insurance.


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