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November 11, 2015

Car accident victims often suffer forceful blows to the head that result in temporary unconsciousness and concussions or what doctors call "minor traumatic brain injury".  While many victims seemingly recover with no lasting effects, there are also many who do not.  These victims may report experiencing problems with their concentration, memory, reading comprehension and verbal comprehension long after their accidents took place.  The lives of people who have had such brain injuries can be significantly impacted and forever changed.

Unfortunately, most traditional medical tests, like the MRI, would come back with "normal" results and leave these victims without a means to prove their injuries and obtain adequate treatment and compensation.  In fact, research shows that MRI tests come back with normal results in 43% to 68% of all minor traumatic brain injury victims.

Thankfully, newer technology called Diffusion Tensor Imaging or DTI is giving doctors a real breakthrough and allowing them to see and document brain injuries that cannot be seen with an MRI.  This is because DTI is able to reveal problems with the brain's neurons that are undetectable by MRI.  This is great news for head injury victims whose injuries were previously unable to be documented through medical testing.

Finally, these victims can prove that they have "real" injuries to the brain that can be seen in actual medical images and which can account for their ongoing cognitive problems.

Since many people have never even heard of DTI, the accident attorneys at Heintz Law are working to get the word out to our clients and their doctors.  Now, when an insurance company tries to deny a victim's claim because their MRI test came out "normal", our attorneys can not only show that MRI's are inadequate and cannot be relied on to prove that someone does not have a brain injury, but also present the DTI evidence and the testimony of qualified physicians that will back up our client's claims with actual medical images and objective findings.

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