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July 18, 2019

Complex regional pain syndrome is a rare condition that confounds many in the beginning; after all, if you are suffering from CRPS, it may have been quite surprising to you to heal from a sprain, a break, or a mild musculoskeletal injury, only to be stricken with something worse. While a muscle injury or a fracture can often be inconsequential in the scope of your health overall, getting over these issues can take a toll—and there is a healing period involved—meaning that when CRPS arises suddenly, most patients are not just surprised, they are extremely disappointed to have to deal with another health issue.

Following a musculoskeletal injury, CRPS symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Affecting only around 200,000 people in the US, CRPS is also without any specific diagnostics, apart from noting superficial symptoms. Testing involves ruling out other diseases first, but an experienced doctor who has seen CRPS before will probably be alerted by symptoms like sudden skin issues, to include inflammation, swelling, strange growth of hair (or nails), and even strange discoloration which can cause the skin to turn bluish or pinkish, with the texture becoming glossy or even thin and fragile in appearance.

Previous injuries may have rendered a CRPS patient immobile for a short time, but as the condition progresses, it may become so painful to move around that they become reluctant to do so at any point. This can cause serious atrophy in the muscles and limbs, along with other issues such as dystonia, with toes or fingers fixed in an unnatural position. These types of problems cause further distress to the patient who may then become self-conscious, beginning a vicious cycle of both physical and emotional issues.

Many different types of treatment can be offered for CRPS, beginning with over-the-counter medications, and then graduating to stronger prescriptions if necessary. Other treatments may help too, like corticosteroids, anticonvulsants, and in many cases antidepressants too, in helping to deal with the understandable depression that may accompany CRPS. Different types of therapy are available too, from more traditional mental therapy sessions to physical therapy, as well as alternative methods like biofeedback or mirror therapy.

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