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Car Safety Make Sure Your Kids are Not Injured by Airbags
September 11, 2017

Over the past few decades, car manufacturers have made substantial progress in car safety, and motorists have also benefited from better information and education on staying safe while behind the wheel. Since the advent of airbags in the late 1980s, tens of thousands of additional lives have been saved. As newer models of vehicles emerge, we continue to see incredibly complex airbag systems; in fact, many of us have no idea what to expect should they be deployed in an accident.

Deployed Airbags May Cause Danger to Anyone Sitting Too Close

The airbag is meant to work with the seatbelt, keeping motorists and passengers safer in an accident. The irony is that sometimes the airbags cause serious—and even fatal—injuries. As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states, airbags inflate quickly on impact and can be especially harmful if the car's occupant is sitting too close. This is more of an issue for shorter drivers and children, as they tend to have their seats pulled up further.

Younger Children Should Ride in the Back Seat

Your car probably has a warning on the passenger side about allowing children of a certain height or weight to sit there and prohibiting placing a baby in a rear-facing seat unless the airbag is turned off. And as the CDC quite plainly states, ‘airbags can kill children riding in the front seat.’ Parents often find that their children are eager and persistent about asking to ride up front as it seems more mature, and they imagine they will have a better vantage point while traveling. Quite simply, though, it is not worth the danger—and even if it’s just for a short ride, accidents often happen surprisingly close to home.

Use Proper Child & Booster Seats

The best rules to keep your kids safe in the car are to ensure that babies and toddlers are in age- and size-appropriate car or booster seats. Babies should not graduate to front-facing seats until after age two, where they should ride until age five. After that, a booster seat is suitable until they’ve grown enough to wear a seatbelt comfortably. Older children should always wear their seatbelts and ride in the back seat of their vehicle unless they are 13 or older.

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