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December 1, 2017

Even the smallest of burns can be intensely painful, and take a while to heal—usually due to the inflammation seen in both first- and second-degree burns. We have all experienced the smarting of minor burns throughout life, whether acquired while cooking dinner or other common activities involving heat; however, you may have received a burn (or burns) due to a defective product or negligence on the part of others—whether experiencing extreme heat or fire at home, in a car, or due to electrical issues.

Burns May Range from the First to Fourth Degree

Icing down a minor burn and applying a salve may help to ease the pain and encourage healing, but if you have a major injury, seek medical help immediately. You should consider the size of the burn, as well as where it is. According to the Mayo Clinic, a first-degree burn affects the outer layer of your skin, while a second-degree burn also affects the next layer and is usually even more painful. The third-degree burn is characterized by a much different type of discoloration—sometimes completely black or even white. There may be little pain in the more extreme burns, and even a sense of numbness as nerves are impaired. Fourth-degree burns are even possible, causing internal damage to bones.

Assess the Size, Location & Amount of Blistering 

If you have been burned in vulnerable areas such as your face or eyes or areas like the hands and feet, there is greater cause for concern, and it is important to assess the amount—and the immediacy—of blistering. Even a minor burn may cause blisters, but if they are significant in size or begin to show signs of infection, seek medical care. Don’t go it alone either if you begin to see swelling, feel feverish, have trouble breathing, or experience other concerns regarding burn injuries. Also, pay close attention to any burns that were caused due to chemical or electrical fires as they can be extremely damaging and may cause internal issues that you are not aware of immediately. Babies and small children, senior citizens, and those with disabilities or suppressed immune systems may have more difficulty overcoming serious burns and traumatic injuries.

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