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Auto accidents
October 8, 2017

Most of us log thousands of hours on the road each year, hopefully without experiencing auto accidents. And if you have ever had to deal with a major car repair forcing you to put your car in the shop for a day or two, then you were probably reminded how hard it can be to function without a vehicle; in fact, without a car, it can be difficult to perform many of the necessary actions we need to survive.

Most of us have a hard time holding down a job unless we have a reliable vehicle to get us back and forth to work. The kids may not be able to get to school on time or keep up with their coursework if we don’t drive them. Groceries must be shopped for, prescriptions must be picked up at the pharmacy, and so much more.

Cars are central to our lifestyles—but they are also the reason that over a million people lose their lives each year. And while remaining extremely alert and driving defensively is your best bet for staying safe on the road, sometimes that still isn’t enough due to the negligence of other drivers who may be distracted, reckless, or under the influence.

You may have already experienced one or more car accidents in your lifetime. If not, most likely you know someone whose health has been impacted by a car crash. A wide range of injuries may be sustained, and unfortunately some may even be fatal. While the typical range of cuts and bruises are to be expected after a wreck, there may be broken ribs, broken bones, head injuries, internal bleeding, and far more. Unfortunately, spinal injuries are all too common too—and can lead to long-term complications.

Whiplash is one of the most well-known injuries associated with car wrecks, due to the sudden and violent wrenching of the head back and forth. There are numerous other injuries possible to the neck, spine, and back however, such as the spinal fracture, disc herniation, sprains, and more. Serious spinal cord injuries may even result in paralysis—with little chance for a full recovery.

There can be other complications that accompany the spinal injury too, such as respiratory issues, heart problems and high blood pressure, problems with the stomach, bowels, and more. After such a trauma, it may be impossible for the patient to go back to work temporarily or permanently. Unfortunately, their lives are often changed forever as they try to adjust to a new and challenging health situation.

If you have experienced a spinal injury after a car crash, you will need the assistance of an attorney experienced in both auto accidents and spinal cord and neck injuries. The attorneys at Heintz Law have helped victims from Bradenton, Sarasota, and all over Florida get compensation for their damages and medical expenses.

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