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Its a sunny, beautiful day and you leave home in your car to meet friends for a leisurely day on the golf course. As you drive down the road, you give no thought to the suspension on your car, the doors enclosing the vehicle for your safety, the full safety belts and air bags all installed on the vehicle for your protection. You arrive at the course and meet your friends for a relaxing day. Thinking nothing about the golf cart suspension, you round the first curve in the path and your passenger falls out. The combination of the golf cart suspension and slick vinyl seat can combine to throw someone out of the cart causing serious injuries including a fractured hip. The occasional alcoholic beverage on the course can lead to impaired driving which can cause a variety of accidents and injuries including striking someone. Just as in a motor vehicle, being distracted by your telephone or other electronic devices can cause serious accidents. All these dangers become enhanced when children are on the golf course. They do not appreciate the dangers of golf carts. To them it just looks like fun. Since children are lighter and smaller, the chance of them being flung out of a golf cart while unbelted and sliding across a vinyl seat is even more enhanced.

Many neighborhoods in Florida allow golf carts to operate on some public roads. This puts golf carts in the mix with cars, trucks, motorcycle and semi trucks. If you plan on driving your golf cart on the roads consider having some safety features installed. Have the seats covered in a fabric that is less slick, safety lights, lap belts, and clear flaps to protect the interior from rain which makes the seats even more slick.


In 1984, the Florida supreme court ruled that golf carts, like cars, are dangerous instrumentalities. That means the owner of the golf cart is also liable for injuries caused by the carelessness of the driver of the golf cart, and that owner is often the golf course.

If you are injured in a golf cart accident, remember to get the names and contact information of those involved and witnesses. Photos of the golf cart, the area where it happened and your injuries will also be handy..

It is a good idea to keep any paperwork like receipts from the golf course.

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