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Riding bicycles
September 26, 2017

Some people like to take it easy on vacation, lounging on the beach with an umbrella drink in one hand, and some pleasant reading in the other--others look forward to lots of activities though—and especially ones that allow you to get to know the area better, like renting bicycles. While bicycling is popular everywhere, to include busy metropolitan areas like New York City, you may be looking forward to traversing a smaller area on vacation.

Following are helpful tips:

  • Wear that helmet! While falling off the bicycle may be your biggest fear, if you have an accident which could be caused by the negligence of others in traffic—and you are not wearing your helmet—you may run the risk of a concussion or even worse—a traumatic brain injury.
  • Know the proper hand signals. Consider how annoying (and dangerous) it can be when a motorist neglects to turn on their blinker. Always follow traffic rules, and use your signals.
  • Stand out. Take this opportunity to dress out in full tourist regalia. The brighter, the better! One of the biggest reasons cars or trucks may run into bicycles is that they simply do not see them. If you are cycling at night, wear reflective gear and put it on your bicycle as well.
  • Use designated bike lanes. While it is true that everyone should share the road, you may be much safer in the bike lane or on the bike path. Your ride should be much more relaxed that way too.
  • Always follow the flow of traffic. Make sure you are alert and cautious while in traffic, taking care to make sure you have plenty of space. If cars or trucks are crowding you, pull over and let them pass. You may also find it more relaxing to cycle during times when traffic is quieter.
  • Watch out for parked cars, and car doors opening. Always know what is happening in front of you. While distracted driving is dangerous behavior for those driving cars, the same goes for anyone riding a bike. Being knocked out by a car door could cause serious injury.

While smaller areas may seem less intimidating for riding a bike, they can also get very congested with traffic. There may be many other distracted tourists, visitors who have been drinking, and complicated areas to navigate—including one-way streets and the constant need to brake for pedestrians crossing. If you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident, please call Heintz & Becker for a free consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys.

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